Common Deck Building Materials in Kirkland

deck materialsAre you planning to add a deck to your home in Kirkland, Washington? There are a variety of decking materials available, each with advantages and disadvantages. It’s always best to speak with a professional deck contractor about which will be best for you and your lifestyle. Before contacting a contractor, consider these common deck materials for your home in Kirkland.

Treated Wood

One popular deck material is pressure treated wood. When chemically treated, cheap, readily-available wood, such as Western Fir and Southern Pine, can become resistant to rot, insects, and the elements. While inexpensive, major drawbacks include the use of chemical preservatives and a predisposition to warp over time.

Natural Wood

Natural wood is an extremely popular choice among homeowners for a decking material. Wood decks are reliable and have a warm appearance that composite and treated wood materials simply can’t imitate. With proper maintenance and treatment, a natural wood deck will not crack or fade. This option is, however, much more expensive than other material options. Continue Reading →

Reasons to Add a Deck to Your Home in Redmond

Reasons to add a deckAre you considering adding a deck to your home in Redmond, Washington? As a homeowner, making additions and improvements to your home should be a priority. There are actually a number of excellent reasons to add a deck to your home. Consider the ones we offer here before contacting a deck contractor in Redmond.

Room to Entertain

Do you love entertaining? A deck is the perfect place to host outdoor dinners and parties with family and friends. In fact, decks are perfect for households that enjoy spending time outside.

Extra Usable Space

A deck also gives you additional usable space. It can house any number of things, including furniture, a grill, and plants. Having a designated area for these items will give you more room in your yard. Continue Reading →

Finding a Reliable Deck Contractor in Woodinville

reliable deck contractorAre you interested in adding a deck to your home in Woodinville, Washington? If so, it’s time to find a reliable deck contractor. Not every contracting company is reliable, however. To ensure you receive the quality service and care you deserve, consider the following helpful tips as you search for a deck contractor in Woodville.

Talk to People You Know

It’s important to find a deck contractor you can trust. One good way to do that is by talking to family and friends who have had decking installed themselves. They can probably point you in the right direction.

Research Options Online

You should also research deck contractors in your area online. Most companies and individual contractors will have websites with information about their outdoor living space services. Continue Reading →

Wood Burning or Gas Fueled Outdoor Fireplace?

outdoor fireplaceIf you have decided to add an outdoor fireplace to your backyard, congratulations! In taking this step you are including a feature in your outdoor living space that family and friends will gather around for parties and all types of celebrations for years to come.

Choose the Fuel Option for Your Outdoor Fireplace

Along with decisions about the location, size and design of your new outdoor fireplace, you will also need to decide on the type of fuel it will use. Both wood burning and gas fueled outdoor fireplaces have pros and cons to consider. Continue Reading →