How to Maximize a Small Backyard Deck in Bothell

small Backyard-Deck-BothellIf you only have a small space for your backyard deck, it’s important to make the most of it. There are many different ways to utilize your space efficiently. Knowing how to maximize a small backyard deck will help. 

Create Zones

Divide your deck into different zones based on how you plan to use the space. For example, you might have a dining area, a lounging area, and a gardening corner. Use rugs, plants, or different flooring materials to delineate these zones visually.

Incorporate Built-In Seating

If space allows, consider built-in seating with integrated storage underneath. This maximizes seating while providing a place to stow cushions, gardening tools, or other outdoor items. Opt for furniture pieces that are compact and multi-functional, such as foldable chairs, nesting tables, or benches with built-in storage. Look for sleek designs that won’t overwhelm the space visually.

Vertical Gardening

Utilize vertical space by adding hanging planters, wall-mounted shelves, or trellises for climbing plants. This not only adds greenery and visual interest but also frees up valuable floor space.

Need Help Making the Most of a Small Backyard Deck in Bothell? 

Maximizing a small backyard deck requires careful planning and strategic design choices to optimize space and functionality. When you’re ready to install a new patio or deck, speak with an expert. Contact us at Outdoor Living Spaces NW today. Our experienced contractors will be happy to help you pick the deck or patio design that’s best for your project. You can also count on us for railing, fence, lighting, fire features and water feature installations. 

Beautiful Small Backyard Deck Design and Construction in Bothell

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