What to Look For in an Outdoor Living Space Contractor in Kirkland

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If you’re wanting to make changes to your outdoor living area in Kirkland, an important step is finding a contractor you can trust to help. What’s the best way to do that?  We’ll offer some suggestions here. 

Satisfied Customers

One good way to determine whether an outdoor living space contractor is reliable is to examine feedback from previous clients. Hopefully you’ll be able to find customer reviews and testimonials online. These give valuable insight into the kind of service provided.

You Understand Each Other

Most contractors offer a free or low-cost consultation for new projects. During this meeting, do more than think about the cost of the project. Take time to assess how well the two of you communicate. Does he or she really listen to your questions and ideas and then respond?  Also, before agreeing and providing payment, see how the prospective contractor responds to emails or phone calls. Are they a priority or do you have to wait awhile? These things are an indication of your future business relationship. 

Warranty or Satisfaction Guarantee

Ask what kind of warranty or guarantee of services will be provided. Ideally, the labor and materials will be under warranty for some time after the work is completed.

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