How to Add Low Voltage Lighting to Your Yard in Bellevue

low voltage lighting bellevueEvenings are the perfect time to relax or socialize in your outdoor living space, especially in the fall and spring. You can add even more function to your investment by having low voltage lighting professionally installed. If you want a quiet getaway for yourself or plan to host family and friends, adding lighting to your backyard is a great way to achieve these goals. Choosing low voltage lighting will give you the function you need without drastically increasing your electric bill. 

Know Why You Want More Lighting

Before you discuss low voltage lighting options with your landscaping contractor, identify exactly why you want more light. Do you need better visibility during parties, for yourself, or to see the dog at night? Your reasons will dictate the kind of lighting fixtures that are best choice for your project.

Draw Your Yard

Once you know why you want better lighting, take some time to draw your space. Include major structures, large trees, walkways, flower beds, and other features. Having a visual representation of your yard will help as you make plans for low voltage lighting installation.

Identify Where Light is Needed

After completing your sketch, you can use it to identify the best places to install lighting. Make notes on your drawing and share them with your contractor. This will help immensely during the design process.

Interested in Low Voltage Lighting Installation in Bellevue?

Are you interested in installing low voltage lighting in Bellevue? Contact Outdoor Living Spaces NW in Woodinville for outdoor lighting assistance. We can also help with deck, patio, fence, fireplace, or water features!

Low Voltage Lighting Installation in Bellevue

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