Wood Burning or Gas Fueled Outdoor Fireplace in Woodinville?

outdoor fireplace woodinvilleIf you have decided to add an outdoor fireplace to your backyard, congratulations! In taking this step you are including a feature in your outdoor living space that family and friends will gather around for parties and all types of celebrations for years to come.

Choose the Fuel Option

Along with decisions about the location, size and design of your new fireplace, you’ll also need to decide on the type of fuel it will use. Both wood burning and gas fueled fireplaces have pros and cons to consider.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

If having a natural look and feel is important to you, consider a wood burning outdoor fireplace. This option will produce more heat than a gas-fueled version. It’s a way to bring you back to times spent gathered around a campfire for roasting marshmallows and telling stories.

This choice also has the advantage of not having to run a gas line to the fireplace. You will have to bring in firewood and keep it dry for the fireplace. Be sure to factor in this expense when weighing your options.

It may be challenging to get a permit for a wood burning fireplace, depending on where you live. Also, if your firewood becomes wet or the wood is too green, it may be difficult to start a fire. You’ll also need to clean the chimney from time to time, and keep an eye on wind conditions to ensure that smoke isn’t blowing into your neighbor’s yard.

Gas Fueled Fireplaces

A gas fueled outdoor fireplace has a number of advantages. It’s easy to light anytime you want to start a fire in your yard. You don’t have any concerns about smoke drifting elsewhere while you’re enjoying your fire. Also, there’s no need to install a chimney. This option is also safer than a wood burning outdoor fireplace, because there’s no danger of stray sparks flying out of the fireplace while it’s in use.

Keep in mind if you decide on a gas fueled outdoor fireplace that you will need to install a gas line from your house to the fireplace. This type of outdoor fireplace doesn’t produce as much heat as a wood burning model and the flames don’t appear as authentic as with a wood burning fireplace.

Wood Burning or Gas Fueled Outdoor Fireplace in Woodinville?

With this information in mind, you’ll be able to decide between a wood burning and a gas fueled outdoor fireplace. Call Outdoor Living Spaces NW to discuss your ideas to create a backyard of quality, which may include a deck, patio, walkway, or an outdoor fireplace. Contact us today for a consultation.

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