Common Deck Building Materials in Kirkland

deck materialsAre you planning to add a deck to your home in Kirkland, Washington? There are a variety of decking materials available, each with advantages and disadvantages. It’s always best to speak with a professional deck contractor about which will be best for you and your lifestyle. Before contacting a contractor, consider these common deck materials for your home in Kirkland.

Treated Wood

One popular deck material is pressure treated wood. When chemically treated, cheap, readily-available wood, such as Western Fir and Southern Pine, can become resistant to rot, insects, and the elements. While inexpensive, major drawbacks include the use of chemical preservatives and a predisposition to warp over time.

Natural Wood

Natural wood is an extremely popular choice among homeowners for a decking material. Wood decks are reliable and have a warm appearance that composite and treated wood materials simply can’t imitate. With proper maintenance and treatment, a natural wood deck will not crack or fade. This option is, however, much more expensive than other material options.


Also known as synthetic decking, composite deck material is an ideal choice for outdoor living spaces because it’s weather and stain resistant. Composite is also lightweight and unlikely to rot or splinter. Visually, however, most composite decks fall short of looking like real wood. They also begin to show signs of age and decay more quickly.

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